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NewTown Macon presents the third iteration of Bright City, curated by Dashboard.

Bright City is an outdoor display of illuminated photographs depicting what makes Macon a unique community. This year, we are exploring the theme WILD. Photos should capture the beauty, serenity, fragility, or ferocity of nature as it relates to Macon. How do nature and the urban landscape intersect? Are there natural oases in Macon you can share with us? Are there subtle or overt effects of climate change?

Artists are invited to submit 2-4 images to our open call showcasing their take of “Bright City | WILD.” Photographers who can transform the everyday into something curious and illustrate the theme, will be considered for this project.

Email low-res submissions to oshun@dashboard.us including:

● Name
● Email
● Phone Number
● Zip code
● 2-4 images, specs as follows:

○ Attach low resolution (125 dpi) images formatted 635 (h) x 500 (w), in .jpg format
○ The light boxes that display the photos are aligned vertically, please make sure your
photos are too.
○ The light box frame will crop .08” of the image on all sides

If your photos are selected you will be required to send a hi-res (300dpi) print version to a dropbox link
we provide you. Specs as follows:

○ Hi-res print version at 48 x 36 inch (vertical), 14400 (h) x 10800 (w), 300dpi, in tiff format

Photographers whose work is selected will receive $500 (even if more than one photo is selected for the exhibit). Photos will be on display thru August 2022 and will be sent to the photographer following the exhibition.

The deadline for all submissions is Friday, July 2, 2021 by 5:00pm EST.

Thank you for applying and we look forward to reviewing your work!

NewTown Macon + Dash hosted an informational session regarding this Open Call. Artists had an opportunity to inquire more about the exhibition, image requirements, and the overall collaborative project.

Watch a recording of the session: https://youtu.be/FjO3zWcooHU

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