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Project Overview

Creating a more family and kid friendly urban core is a priority in the Macon Action Plan Refresh. Public art presents an opportunity to engage multiple generations, create conversation, and add a touch of whimsy to our downtown public spaces. Creating a Play Path in downtown Macon uses public art to accomplish the goal of creating a more family-friendly downtown district.

NewTown Macon’s Main Street board will work with local artists to create a Play Path throughout downtown Macon’s alleyways that features colorful gameboards. These gameboards will create opportunities for play among families and downtown-goers of all ages.

Design Guidelines

• Artists are asked to submit a proposal for a gameboard mural that will encourage pedestrians to stop and play.
• Gameboards should be easy to understand with simple instructions that those with a 5th grade reading level can understand. Artists should provide instructions in their proposal.
• Each artist will be given an 8ft by 12ft rectangular space (96 square feet) in the alley to complete their concept. Murals do not have to be rectangular but must fit within the assigned space.
• Gameboards should be colorful with simple patterns and follow the provided color palette.
• Gameboards must be self-contained and not require additional pieces or objects for the game to be played to its fullest extent.


Examples of possible gameboards include I Spy, Where’s Waldo, and hopscotch. Gameboard concepts are not limited to these examples and artists can determine completely new concepts that encourage interaction and play. Artists are encouraged to use Macon’s history, people, and places as inspiration for gameboards.

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  • No political, obscene, or sexual content. Content must be family-friendly.
  • Gameboards should not include commercial advertising or logos
  • Murals must use the provided color palette. White and black paint will also be provided for artists to use as needed, including creating lighter and darker shades of the provided colors.

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Gameboards will be placed in alleys throughout downtown Macon to create a pathway for exploring the district.


Artists will be responsible for installation and gameboards will be painted on the ground in alleyways selected by Main Street Macon. Main Street Macon will coordinate volunteers to assist artists with installation if requested. Main Street Macon will create and install placards or decals with play instructions provided by the artist.


  • Application deadline: October 18, 2021
  • Notification of Award: October 29, 2021
  • Installation: November 4-7, 2021

Artist Stipend

$800 per artist per gameboard. Five (5) designs will be chosen. Artists will receive a check after completing installation of their gameboards. Stipend is per awarded artist.

For collectives, groups or organizations, design leaders are responsible for disbursement of funds to supporting team members. Materials and paint will be provided by Main Street Macon.


Artists with mural experience in the Middle Georgia region are eligible.


To apply, email the following materials to Emily Hopkins at emily@newtownmacon.com by 5pm on Monday, October 18:

  1. Concept drawing of gameboard, using the template below
  2. Resume with a list of prior mural commissions and 3 digital image examples
  3. 500 word or less description of your gameboard concept, including play instructions

Email submissions to emily@newtownmacon.com with “Play Path Submission” as subject line.

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