Tour Stop #2: VIBEZ

401 Cherry Street

VIBEZ hit the downtown scene this summer with a bang and continues to thrill diners with craft cocktails and tasty specials. The chic interior design of this beautiful space rivals that of an upscale metropolitan club and garners hundreds of social media likes with every post. Co-owner, Tennessee Titan linebacker, and Wilkinson County native, Bud Dupree, wanted to create a destination dining experience similar to ones he’s visited in major cities around the globe. He wanted to open a restaurant close to his hometown and chose downtown Macon as the place to establish an elevated dining experience unmatched in Middle Georgia. 

VIBEZ brings the community together with “food for the stomach and VIBEZ for the soul.” Do both your taste buds and soul a favor and make a reservation for your next dining experience at VIBEZ.

[Video Length 1:08 ]