Classics at the Bibb: Mary Poppins and the Revival of Macon’s Iconic Theatre

Step into a world of magic and nostalgia as the iconic Bibb Theatre is brought back into the spotlight. Join us for the enchanting presentation of “Mary Poppins” on Sunday, November 12th, at 6 pm, as we embark on a journey to rekindle the Bibb Theatre’s glory and bring classic cinema back to the heart of Macon. Come out from 5:30-6:30 to meet Mary Poppins!

Rekindling the Bibb Theatre

Nestled on Third Street, the Bibb Theatre first graced Macon with its presence in 1938, becoming a beloved landmark for the community. However, it lay dormant for four decades, longing for the buzz of moviegoers and the flicker of cinematic adventures.

In a bid to breathe life back into this cherished building, NewTown Macon, with the support of the Community Foundation of Central Georgia, Peyton Anderson Foundation, and Knight Foundation, secured a Downtown Challenge Grant. This grant aimed to shine a spotlight on the iconic downtown edifice and reintroduce movies to the historic theatre.

Lights, Camera, Classics!

The Classics at the Bibb series transports us to a bygone era, projecting movies from the very years the Bibb Theatre was in full swing onto its façade. The picturesque setting on Third Street offers patrons the opportunity to set up chairs and blankets, creating a cozy outdoor cinema experience beneath the stars.

Scott Mitchell, owner of The Bohemian Den and Treasurer of NewTown’s Main Street Board, perfectly encapsulates the spirit of Classics at the Bibb: “It reimagines a space where all Maconites can gather and enjoy a wonderful evening together watching classic movies.”

A Theatre’s Renaissance

NewTown Macon’s commitment to preserving Macon’s rich heritage is brilliantly exemplified through its acquisition of the Bibb Theatre in 2018. With its vacant state after four decades of silence, the theatre presented both a challenge and an opportunity. In partnership with Peyton Anderson Foundation Ventures, NewTown embarked on a mission to revive this historic gem.

The transformation of the Bibb Theatre began with structural stabilization, including rebuilding the floor and restoring the iconic marquee. Currently, NewTown is actively seeking local developers and entrepreneurs interested in leasing and operating the restored theatre. The possibilities are tantalizing, with the venue potentially hosting a bar, brewery, distillery, restaurant, movie theatre, or any other captivating entertainment concept.

Josh Rogers, NewTown’s President and CEO, shares the vision behind this restoration: “The Bibb Theatre holds a unique place in Macon’s history, and by restoring it, we aim to preserve the soul of our city while catalyzing downtown’s growth. Saving the Bibb Theatre is a testament to our commitment to maintaining Macon’s rich heritage and the immense potential of historic buildings to reinvigorate our vibrant downtown community.”

Lights Dim, Curtain Rises: Mary Poppins

The Classics at the Bibb series is shining its spotlight on timeless classics, and “Mary Poppins” is the enchanting feature on this cinematic journey. Join us for an unforgettable evening under the stars, as the Bibb Theatre reclaims its place as a cultural centerpiece in the heart of downtown Macon.

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