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The Downtown Macon Business Improvement District (BID) is a self-taxing district that is led by a board of elected property owners. As outlined in the District Plan, the Downtown BID exists to create a greener, cleaner, and safer experience for all who visit, work, and live in our charming city center. The BID offers downtown Macon a competitive advantage to achieve NewTown’s vision of an authentic city experience unparalleled in the south. Since 2017, the BID has worked to improve the aesthetics and perception of downtown Macon. Downtown now boasts clear curb lines, manicured planter beds, debris-free alleyways, regularly pressure washed sidewalks, and friendly faces to assist visitors with directions and recommendations. 

2021 Year in Review

Trash Bags Disposed: 4093


Hours of Pressure Washing: 152


Graffiti Removed: 122


Hours Worked on Special Projects: 544


Instances of Hospitality Assistance: 477


BID Board of Directors

  • teal_rosette-04

    Tom Wight | Chair

  • teal_rosette-04

    Jean Bragg | Vice Chair

  • teal_rosette-04

    Quinn Rolfes

  • teal_rosette-04

    Wes Griffith

  • teal_rosette-04

    Bryan Nichols

  • teal_rosette-04

    Dr. Henry Ficklin | Appointee, Ex-Officio

  • teal_rosette-04

    Larry Brumley | Appointee, Ex-Officio

2023 Meeting Dates

  • teal_rosette-04

    Wednesday, February 22

  • teal_rosette-04

    Wednesday, April 26

  • teal_rosette-04

    Wednesday, June 28

  • teal_rosette-04

    Wednesday, August 23

  • teal_rosette-04

    Wednesday, October 25

  • teal_rosette-04

    Wednesday, December 12th


What are the benefits of a BID?

BIDs increase occupancy, rental rates, and property values to more than cover the annual cost of operation. The services provided by the BID reduce crime and improve public perception by maintaining areas with an elevated attention to detail.

What are the boundaries of the BID?

Roughly New Street to Fifth Street and Riverside Drive to Plum Street. View the map.

How long will the BID last?

The district will have a six-year lifespan. It officially commenced on July 1, 2017 and will mature June 30, 2023. After the initial end date, the petition process will be repeated to renew the BID beyond the inaugural term.

Who manages the BID?

The Business Improvement District is led by a seven-member volunteer board of directors who oversee the implementation of the District Plan. The board contracts with NewTown Macon BID Management, which is staffed by NewTown Macon, to assist with the overall delivery of priorities and administrative tasks. 

When are BID board meetings held?

The fourth Wednesday of every other month, unless otherwise noted, at 4pm at NewTown Macon’s office (555 Poplar St.) In December, we will convene on the 2nd Tuesday, due to the holidays.

Who implements the services of the BID?

Daily services are implemented by a nationally renowned ambassadorial service, Block by Block. Over 100 urban districts, both domestic and international, contract with Block by Block. This company serves at the pleasure of the seven-member BID Board. Block by Block employs a staff of ambassadors who work diligently each day to fulfill the BID's objective of a cleaner and safer downtown.

Where is the BID Operations Center?

577 Mulberry Street - Ground Floor of Fickling Building

Operations Manager, Richard Bingaman 

Where can I find the District Plan?
What is the BID’s budget?
How can I learn more about the BID?

Sign up for the quarterly BID newsletter, The Ambassador! This is the best way to receive updates about the BID’s efforts and learn how your dollars are being put to work for a cleaner and safer downtown Macon. Sign up here:


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