The Entrepreneur's Academy, launched by NewTown Macon in 2018 with the support of Knight Foundation and in collaboration with the University of Georgia's JW Fanning Institute for Leadership Development, is a comprehensive training program designed for aspiring and growth-oriented entrepreneurs. With a focus on developing informed business plans and securing funding, the academy empowers participants to turn their ideas into successful ventures. The program combines in-person classes and virtual learning, providing a flexible and immersive learning experience.

Bryan Beck

Entrepreneur’s Academy empowers you to lay out every aspect of your business. Things that would give me anxiety are put into writing so I can visualize them and give them their due consideration. Being able to share with my peers and mentors in the class also gave that extra perspective to help me sharpen those ideas. Sharing in class and going to one-on-one meetings with EA mentors has helped me turn obstacles into opportunities. EA stretches your imagination, reorients your perspective for the better, and emboldens you to pursue your entrepreneurial goals

- Jave Bjorkman


About Entrepreneur's Academy

NewTown Macon's Entrepreneur's Academy is a 12-week course designed to provide aspiring entrepreneurs with the essential tools and guidance to develop an informed and comprehensive business plan. Through a combination of in-person classes and virtual learning, participants will learn about key components such as value proposition, target customer, customer success delivery, financial reports, and sustainable business funding strategies. With a curriculum tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs, this academy empowers participants to effectively plan and launch their ventures.

Who Should Apply

Entrepreneur's Academy welcomes individuals who are passionate about entrepreneurship and eager to take their business ideas to the next level. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur with a startup concept or a growth-oriented business owner looking to scale, this program is designed to support your journey. No matter your industry or background, if you have a strong drive to succeed and are committed to learning and growth, Entrepreneur's Academy is for you.

Benefits of Taking Entrepreneur's Academy

By enrolling in Entrepreneur's Academy, participants gain access to a wealth of benefits. Through expert-led sessions, practical exercises, and interactive discussions, you'll develop an informed business canvas or condensed business plan with financial projections. The program also provides valuable insights into business finance and funding strategies, including the opportunity to apply and be ready for a first-time small business loan from NewTown. Additionally, you'll receive guidance and feedback from a panel of guest judges during a final pitch presentation, enabling you to refine your concept and prepare for success in the startup or scaling phase. With the Entrepreneur's Academy, you'll gain the knowledge, skills, and support network necessary to confidently navigate the entrepreneurial landscape and achieve your business goals.

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Entrepreneur’s Academy is a hybrid course that includes in-person classes and virtual learning. Graduates of the academy will learn how to develop an informed and complete business canvas or condensed business plan that also includes financial projections. For just $249, entrepreneurs will receive help to develop their value proposition, target customer, customer success delivery, financial reports, and will teach participants sustainable business funding and wealth-building strategies. The program ends with a final pitch presentation before a panel of guest judges. Participants receive input on improving their concept to successfully startup or scale their business after graduation.

2024 Dates

Every Wednesday from February 14 through April 17, 2024, from 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm.


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