Downtown Macon Hype Team

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What is the Downtown Macon Hype Team?

The Downtown Macon Hype Team is a vibrant and energetic group of individuals who are passionate about downtown Macon's revitalization. They are the driving force behind the excitement and positive buzz that you feel when you step foot in our historic district. Hype Team members serve as social media influencers and downtown ambassadors, spreading the word about the progress being made in downtown Macon.

Hype Team members serve as a walking welcome center during large events and festivals in downtown Macon. They enhance the visitor experience by walking throughout downtown and give visitors information, directions, recommendations, and swag. Additionally, they post weekly about downtown happenings and businesses on their personal social media accounts.

Why is the Hype Team Important?

At Downtown Macon, we believe that a strong and engaged community is the backbone of a thriving downtown. The Hype Team plays a crucial role in changing perceptions and showcasing downtown Macon as the dynamic, diverse, and welcoming destination it truly is. By sharing their experiences and stories through social media and community events, the Hype Team inspires others to explore, shop, dine, and enjoy all that downtown Macon has to offer.

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Get Involved and Become a Hype Team Member!

We're always on the lookout for enthusiastic individuals who are ready to be the voice of downtown Macon. Join a team of 60 team members who love downtown Macon and have a desire to promote the heart of our community. Whether you're a long-time resident, a new member of the community, or just someone who loves the vibrant energy of downtown, we welcome you to join the Hype Team.

As a Hype Team member, you'll get to spread your love for downtown in an official capacity and have opportunities to connect with fellow downtown enthusiasts. Plus, you'll have the chance to participate in our engaging social media campaigns, spreading the downtown love to a wider audience. 

Hype Team applications open in January each year and close in March. Be sure to follow NewTown Macon on Facebook and Instagram to stay informed of the application release or sign up for NewTown’s monthly newsletter, the Rosette.

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Introducing Hype Hounds: Wagging Tales of Downtown Fun!

The Hype Team isn’t just human ambassadors, we have our four-legged friends joining the movement too! Hype Hounds are our furry companions who love to explore downtown with their owners. They play a special role in making downtown Macon a dog-friendly destination. Our Hype Hounds help showcase the pet-friendly side of our vibrant community, from outdoor patios to pet-friendly events.
Hype Hounds receive a branded bandana to wear as they explore downtown Macon. Hype Hound owners are required to post a photo of their dog in the bandana enjoying downtown and all it has to offer.

The 2024 applications for Hype Hounds are open until August 15.

Interested in starting a Hype Team in your community?

NewTown Macon created the Hype Team concept as a way to promote downtown Macon and mobilize community cheerleaders. This is a concept that communities around the country can use to engage their volunteers and promote their downtown districts. Check out Hype Team Toolkit to start your own Hype Team!

Communities are allowed to use the “Hype Team” name for their own volunteer teams or to make up a name that is specific to the community. For example, Milledgeville, GA calls their Hype Team the Milledgeville Volunteer Program (MVPs).

However, NewTown Macon asks that communities who implement their own Hype Team credit NewTown for creating the concept in the following ways:

Communities should include the language below on their webpage about their Hype Team:

The Hype Team concept was developed by NewTown Macon’s Main Street board in Macon, GA. NewTown allows and encourages communities across the nation to create their own ambassador and influencer teams to hype up their downtown districts. More information about NewTown’s efforts can be found at newtownmacon.com.

Social media

NewTown asks communities to use the language below when first introducing their Hype Team on social media. After the initial introductory post, communities do not have to credit NewTown for the concept again.

The Hype Team concept was developed by NewTown Macon’s Main Street board in Macon, GA. NewTown encourages communities across the nation to create their own ambassador and influencer teams to hype up their downtown districts.

The Hype Team has been hugely beneficial for downtown Macon and NewTown looks forward to seeing more and more communities implement their own version of this ambassador and influencer program. If you create a Hype Team in your community, please let us know! We would love to follow along and see how your community shares the hype. Email NewTown Macon’s Director of Place, Emily Hopkins, at emily@newtownmacon.com if you implement your own Hype Team.

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