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NewTown Macon's Small Business Loan Program is dedicated to supporting the growth and success of small businesses in the Macon area. With flexible loan options and comprehensive support, we empower entrepreneurs to start, expand, and thrive. From financing to business education and fostering a strong sense of community, our program provides the resources and opportunities needed to turn dreams into reality.

Renee Tu and Jonathan Williams opened downtown Macon’s first bubble tea cafe in the spring of 2022, just in time for the International Cherry Blossom Festival. NewTown’s expert understanding of the downtown market, paired with accessible financing, inspired the couple to approach NewTown about a loan to help with building out their storefront at 359 Third Street and purchasing inventory. Jonathan was already familiar with NewTown and its financing and training programs, thanks to his participation in our Developer’s Academy. After his wife Renee successfully tested the boba tea concept at the Mulberry Market in Tattnall Square Park, the couple started working with NewTown to bring their start-up business to life. Renee and Jonathan brought valuable experience and insight to their fledgling business and understood the market potential of their product, making them viable borrowers. Hello Boba Cafe has quickly become a downtown staple by offering boba tea, lemonades, and Asian snacks and regularly hosting anime-themed events and cosplay nights.


About NewTown's Small Business Loan Program

NewTown Macon's Small Business Loan Program offers loans specifically tailored to the needs of small businesses in Macon. Whether you require capital for start-up costs, expansion, working capital, or inventory, our program provides accessible financing solutions. As Central Georgia’s first Community Development Finacial Institution (CDFI), we prioritize supporting individuals who have been overlooked in the past, including young people, women, people of color, and other underrepresented groups. We offer small business loans in three categories: micro ($500-$10,000), mini ($10,001-$50,000), and Small Business ($50,001-$500,000).

Who Should Apply

Our Small Business Loan Program welcomes a diverse range of entrepreneurs and business owners. Whether you are a brand-new start-up or an established business looking to grow, our program is designed to support your journey. We believe in providing opportunities to those who have been unfairly overlooked in the past. If you require financing and desire to be part of a dynamic downtown business ecosystem, we encourage you to apply for a small business loan with NewTown Macon.

Benefits of Working with NewTown for a Small Business Loan

By choosing NewTown Macon's Small Business Loan Program, you unlock a range of benefits designed to propel your business forward. Here are the key advantages of working with us:

  • Flexible Financing Options: Our program offers tailored financing solutions that cater to your specific small business needs. Whether you require capital for start-up costs, expansion projects, working capital, or inventory, we provide flexible loan options to support your growth.
  • Comprehensive Support: Beyond financial assistance, we offer comprehensive support to help you thrive. Benefit from our expertise, resources, and connections as we guide you through the intricacies of running a successful small business.
  • Local Market Knowledge: As a locally rooted organization, we possess deep insights into the Macon market. We understand the unique dynamics and challenges of the local business landscape, enabling us to provide valuable guidance and strategic advice.
  • Collaborative Partnership: We believe in forging a collaborative partnership with our borrowers. We work closely with you, leveraging our experience and network, to help you navigate risks, capitalize on opportunities, and achieve your business goals.
  • Community Impact: By partnering with NewTown Macon, you contribute to the revitalization and prosperity of downtown Macon. Join a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners committed to creating a vibrant and thriving business ecosystem.



Ready to take the next step in financing your dream business?

Applying for a loan from NewTown Macon is easy and straightforward. Simply fill out our loan application form to get started. We're excited to learn more about your business and help bring your buisness vision to life.

Our team of experts will review your application and get in touch with you to discuss the next steps. We're here to answer any questions and guide you through the process. Let NewTown Macon bring your dream to reality.

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