Previous Plans + Studies

Previous Plans & Studies

Master Plans & Urban Design

Planning and Zoning Macon Bibb Plan for the Future (2011)

Second Street Development Plan (2010)

Zimmerman Executive Summary (2008)

Economic Impact of Selected Projects in the “NewTown Macon” Initiative (2006)

Urban Design Plan & Economic Development Strategy (2000)– In the year 2000, NewTown Macon commissioned its first master plan, instructing LDR International to take the visions of the community for its urban center and incorporate them into a comprehensive and coordinated plan.

Real Estate Development Plan (2000)– Completed by Haddow & Company to evaluate real estate development opportunities and recommend strategies to cause real estate development.

Strategic Community and Economic Development Plan of the City of Macon, Georgia (2000)– Trinity/Brookwood in association with EDAW completed this community-wide plan.

Downtown Housing Study (1999)

Central South Neighborhood Revitalization (1999)

Economic Development Strategy (1997)

Ocmulgee River & Trail

Ocmulgee National Heritage Corridor (2004)– Run by a volunteer group led by Chris Sheridan, Lynn Cass and Mike Ford, this study sought to chart a path for designation of a National Heritage Corridor along the Ocmulgee River.

Ocmulgee Heritage Greenway Trail Business Plan (2002)

Ocmulgee Heritage Trail and Rose Hill Cemetery Plan (2007)

Commercial, Retail & Miscellaneous

Macon Downtown Retail Analysis- Findings and Recommendations (2018)- Ninigret Partners evaluated current market spending, draw areas for patrons, seasonality of sales and recommended strategies to improve the downtown retail experience.

Make Every Night Saturday Night in Macon (2006)- Plan for alley upgrades completed by Landscape Architecture at the University of Georgia.

Riverside Mixed Use Project Business Plan (2002)-Proposal created by NewTown Macon for the revitalization of the 11-acre riverfront assemblage on Riverside Drive.

Retail & Parking Analysis & Planning Study (2000)– In the year 2000, NewTown Macon commissioned Gibbs Planning Group to analyze the existing retail market and make recommendations to repopulate storefronts.

Economic and Tourism Overview (1997)– Initial overview report by LDR International evaluating economic development and tourism in Central Georgia.

Downtown Macon (ca.1996)- Early promotional brochure describing the foundation and early goals for NewTown Macon.

Central Business District Trade Study (1975)– Scott Huguley and Myron Johns completed this analysis listing the downtown merchants.

Parking & Traffic

Riverside Drive Feasibility Study (2018)– Stantec Engineering completed a feasibility study showing that driving lanes could be eliminated from Riverside Dr. to improve pedestrian amenities and attract development without impeding traffic flows.

Downtown Macon Parking Study (2014)– Sam Schwartz engineering reviewed all previous studies and conducted new comprehensive research. The study found that downtown had a surplus of parking that was poorly managed and recommended comprehensive management including installing parking meters.

A Report on Parking System Management in Downtown Macon, GA (2006)– Prepared by Central Parking System, this report recommended comprehensive management, including installation of parking meters.

Parking Management Study for Downtown Macon (2001)– Completed by traffic consultant John Edwards, this study reviewed the findings of a 1990 analysis, conducted new research and concluded that downtown had a surplus of parking that was poorly managed.

Parking Survey (1998)– Macon-Bibb Planning and Zoning Commission completed this survey in 1998.

Physical Improvement Plan (1968)– Adley Associates, Inc. completed this study for the Macon-Bibb Planning and Zoning Commission

Market studies for housing/lofts

Occupancy rates track around 95% month-to-month after initial lease-up periods of six months. The 2019 market study projects rates between $1.25/sf to $1.84/sf in 2019 dollars, although actual rates reflect a much wider range of under $1/sf for subdivided houses to over $2/sf for all-inclusive luxury rentals. Both developers and tenants will find market opportunities to suit every budget within walking distance of downtown Macon.

2019 Residential Market Study

2014 Residential Market Study

2011 Residential Market Study

Small business studies

Downtown also acts as a natural incubator. Because of the density of jobs and residents, downtown is a great place to test a new idea. Storefronts are available in a variety of locations, conditions, prices and sizes, many with unique historic charm and unusual amenities. Nowhere in Middle Georgia enjoys a greater diversity of available retail space.

Downtown Macon is also the premier location in Middle Georgia for corporate headquarters and office space. Easy access by walking, bicycling, and transit makes it easy for businesses to connect with new and existing clients. Whether you are looking for a prominent storefront or the region’s nicest office space in an office tower, downtown Macon has a space to fit every budget. Check out our Commercial Property Finder to find a suitable property today. 

2018 Downtown Macon Retail Analysis

2014 Commercial Market Profile

2014 Economic Base Snapshot

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