Tour Stop 5: Macon Rocks Climbing Gym

527 DT Walton Sr Way

Early last year, downtown Macon became home to one of the fastest-growing recreational activities – ROCK CLIMBING!

Welcome to the Macon Rocks Climbing Gym (we love a great Macon pun). This state-of-the-art facility was a labor of love for co-owners Bryan Nichols and Kevin Reaves. Their mutual passion for downtown’s revitalization, coupled with their vision of downtown having family-friendly activities and spaces, was the critical combination to complete this ambitious preservation project.

Their idea to bring this burgeoning activity to downtown started nearly seven years ago, but securing a location with the proper specs proved to be a challenge. Originally, this property was home to the administrative offices of Capricorn Records, but with some creative design work, adding a second floor, and a whole lot of faith, these gentlemen restored these buildings to an unconventional, but highly creative, purpose. No more dusty desks and yellow-filmed paper, instead we have a recreational treasure and the first of its kind in Central Georgia.

Thanks to Bryan and Kevin’s unmatched vision, patience, and commitment, Macon Rocks is here for us to enjoy! Haven’t been rock climbing yet? Don’t know what to expect? No problem. Macon Rocks has you covered –climb on!

Click on the video to hear Bryan share more about Macon Rocks and the journey to their 2021 opening date. After you've viewed the video, step inside and see the space for yourself –this stop is open for tours.

Video Length 1:14

‘Something that all the family can get involved in’: New Rock climbing gym to open in downtown Macon” by Thais Ackerman. 13WMAZ. January 11, 2021.

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