Tour Stop 9: Otis Redding Center for the Arts

436 Cotton Ave

Music has, and continues to be, the binding force that brings people together. With several notable hometown musicians like Otis Redding, whose soulful lyrics, rhythms, and spirit still inspire new generations of young musicians, it is clear why music is deeply rooted in Macon’s identity. Thanks to his beloved widow, Zelma Redding, who established the Otis Redding Foundation in 2007, Otis’ spirit and footprint are ingrained in the soul of this city. Since its formal inception, the Otis Redding Foundation unapologetically continues Otis’ commitment to philanthropy by empowering, enriching, and motivating young people through music, writing, and instrumentation. A powerful and necessary mission!

And with their recent exciting announcement earlier this year, the Otis Redding Foundation will be able to expand its programs and continue making a difference in our youth. You are looking at the future site of the Otis Redding Center for the Arts. This 15,000-square-foot site will include an outdoor amphitheater and a two-story center. This property will serve as a centralized location for the Foundation’s youth educational programs and the arts.

The Center’s two stories will include practice rooms and studio and lab spaces for students. The outdoor amphitheater will face Cherry Street. This signature project is an ode to the preservation of both Macon’s music history and Otis’ commitment to investing in the next generation of artists.

Also, you are just steps away from the Otis Redding Foundation and  Museum (339 Cotton Ave). Before joining us at the Partners in Progress Awards reception, make a slight detour and pop into the museum and check out all the Otis Redding memorabilia or grab some official King of Soul merch! They'll be open until 8pm tonight.

Learn more from Justin Andrews and Jared Wright about this exciting project and view renderings of the proposed site below.

Video Length 1:00

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